meopta scope forum. Likewise, a scope purchased for a rifle that will be shipped halfway around the world for an African safari should reasonably be of higher quality than a scope intended for a rifle used only on local day hunts. Buy Now and We'll Pay Your Tax! $2,999. Meopta is pleased to introduce the new 30mm ZD 6-24x56 RD riflescope. The meostar 3-12x56 RGD with the #4 reticle is down right amazing! I think you’d be really hard pressed to beat the 3-9x42 for $399 unless you want to spend double that or more. 5/105mm UV-Micro-Apo Pentax Ultra-Achromatic Takumar f4. Meopta, from what I’ve read and seen, is a premium European Manufacturer of high end optics. Anyone have both or experience with either? Light transmission is probably my biggest concern. This rugged scope is designed for shooters who are seeking an optic that combines. Meopta scope any good ???. This scope's large objective lens, enhanced with MeoBright anti-reflective multicoatings, admits a great deal of light for a bright, sharp sight picture, even in lower-light conditions. Match Match any word Match all words Match phrase. I have just changed my scope to NV so no longer required. Ok, so I'm whittling down a list of scopes I'm considering for a semi-custom 35 Whelen Model 70 of mine. Begins to darken (one F stop) at 14x. The freedom is a great set and forget scope. Call (570) 368-3920 with any questions. I read some really good reviews on their 1-4 tactical optics, so I decided to look at their line and see if there was something that would work for me. Again, like the original Instinct Euro scopes, the glass came from Europe, but the scopes were assembled at the Meopta facility in the USA. Hi folks, I'm trying to use a Optisan CP scope on my EV2, obviously trying to keep the barrel/scope centreline to a minimum,. Hardly used Comes with Leica cover Slight marks from scope rings Cost over £1100. Is this the Meopta scope I want?. My first impression of the scope was that it is a good-looking one. COASTAL OPTICS f4/60mm UV-VIS-IR Apo COASTAL OPTICS f4. Please call with any questions, 516-217-1000. Meopta Artemis 3000 4-16x44 tactical scope Duplex reticle, comes with rings as shown Good used condition, Manitoba Hunting Forums banner. 5 Creedmoor 30mm FFP Riflescope 653565. Thoughts, especially concerning lowlight capability. They are Czech made and supposedly extremely high quality. The beautiful firearms of the 20th century are not complete without period correct scopes, rings and bases. Meopta is here for your better view of . Působí zde oddělení výzkumu a vývoje, engineeringu (konstrukce a technologie), výroba optiky i mechaniky, montáž a administrativa. It also features side parallax adjustment that goes from 10 yards (yes, airgunners and rimfire shooters, that number is correct) to infinity. * Meopta Scopes and Binoculars *HULTAFORS Axes NORTH AMERICAN FIRST. I bought this Meopta 4x for a ww2 mauser sniper clone that has the Rhineland Arms 45acp conversion. Just for the record, if you need a decent scope with the smallest possible eyepiece in the $300-$400 range, in addition to the Minox ZA-3, you should be looking at 3-9x40. As most know, Meopta was the OEM for several optics companies including Cabelas, Zeiss, Leica, Nightforce, Trijicon, and maybe a couple of others. 9 we did a lot of research and even participated in many online forums to know exactly which of these two brands is more popular. Swarovski's digital dS with 40mm tube dwarfs the 1-inch Z3 3-9×36, one of the author's favorite sights. Quantities are limited so don't miss out. I am now considering a Optika 6,1-6x24 for my 375. Meopta says, "This exceptionally versatile riflescope delivers razor-sharp image focus at close ranges—a feature rimfire and air rifle enthusiasts will appreciate—and gives hunters and target shooters the ability to dial in the focus at longer ranges. Home Forums > Firearm Related > The Snipers Nest > Meopta scope review. the Meopta's I own are as follows, R1 1-4x22 k-dot, R1 4-16x44 diamond mil-dot, ZD 1-4x22 RD with a chevron reticle, optika6 1-6x24 with the 4C1 reticle, optika6 3-18x56 with 4C1 reticle, optika6 4. Your Meopta Lovec is a post war scope, and wouldn't have been seen on any wartime K98 snipers. PA only goes down to 50 Yards field of view is a bit narrow IMO. The fluid heads deliver smooth, vibration-free movement making it easier to glass vast areas. With my Scope Budget being around $1000 Australian, it would come down to either the Athlon Argos 6-24 or the Meopta Optika6 4. Meopta make great scopes, and they are excellent in low light. Whether you're hunting white-tailed deer in woodlands or bighorn sheep on a distant ridge, the Meopta 4-20x50 Optika5 Riflescope will help you get on target. I have two Meopta scopes -- a MeoPro 4. Some of the best hunting happens in the worst light and weather conditions. 5-6x42, with a 4C (illum) reticle. Re: Meopta Optika 5 3-15x44 [ Re: br459 ] #15485879 12/04/20. Mounted to evaluate reticle types for a new set up. Sig Sauer 1-6x24 TANGO-MSR 30mm Riflescope. Display results as threads; More. With the use of modern optics technology, Meopta has reproduced what is probably the most historically accurate ZF-4 scope ever made, including the sliding. So depending on how accurate of a repro you want you might need a new scope, ziess zielviers can be found on auction sites or gun forums fairly commonly and won't break the bank. 1a) Keep the XS Ghost Rings and train more. I think a rep of decades long good service helps somewhat. The strength of Meopta’s scope line is the quality of their glass. I do not do any sales and there are a lot of Authorized retailers located in TX. Vintage Meopta Scope Information Wanted. Some of these are on our website and some are call in, 516-217-1000. The Gold Ring® Compact spotting scope lightens your load while delivering performance and features that rival larger models. Uncompleted warranty card included. 5-10x42 which will kick all of these scope butts for $800, closed out from $1500. I always have several rifle scopes. My VX2 is an excellent scope for how I use em. Refracting spotting scopes, like our Meopta test scope, are an interesting segment of the sport optics market. The other is a Meopro 3-9x42mm on my wife's. I have never owned a Meopta scope and can not compare fairly. The HTR model tracks very well. The vast majority of the scope buying public agrees with me. Going to buy a rifle scope in the next day or so and would appreciate some feedback. I know enough about the LTR and the stock, but I haven't heard much about the Meostar scopes. Like the original Euro series, the Instinct Euro HD scopes were built on a 1-inch tube and manufactured by Meopta Optics. Every MeoStar® R2 delivers maximum brightness with MeoLuxTM ion- assisted multi-coatings - giving 99. Vintage Gun Scopes offers optically refurbished scopes, complete restorations, and even re-glassing with modern, fully coated optics for a scope that performs like a new scope but has the durability, accuracy and classic good look of a vintage scope. The turrets are better on the BSA scope, hard to believe, but there it is. He/she/it would not use anything but the best and I trust his/her/it's opinion more than anyone on some stupid forum anyway. You can now have the vintage scope look, accuracy and rugged reliability. ZERO TECH vs Meopta Meopro ???? • Enough Gun. The Meopta Optika6 series of riflescopes aims to push the limits of you and your rifle at distance. Re: Swaro Z3 vs Meopta Meopro scope [ Re: VaHillbilly ] #13013152 07/24/18. This 3-15×50 scope has a second focal plane, illuminated reticle. Andrew Dennis Registered Member. Forums EQUIPMENT TALK Optics Meopta riflescopes GlockZ Jul 18, 2021 Prev 1 2 Aug 17, 2021 #21 S schmalts Well-known member Joined Aug 22, 2002 Messages 9,113 Location WI I have a few Optika5 in 2-10X42 and 4-20X44 I can part with. Meopta Meosight III experience? Homer: 24/12/15 02:46 PM Re: Meopta Meosight III experience? aromakr 25/12/15 02:21 AM Re: Meopta Meosight III experience? Homer 25/12/15 08:04 AM Re: Meopta Meosight III experience? dracb 25/12/15 09:22 AM Re: Meopta Meosight III experience? Daryl_S 25/12/15 09:33 AM Re: Meopta Meosight III experience?. Meopta, a well-known European scope manufacturer, released a new budget-friendly scope line called the MeoSport R. Forum Options Posts only Topic titles only Posts and topic titles. Meopta MeoStar B1 Plus 8x32 Binocular The MeoStar B1 Plus Binocular represents the pinnacle of premium European optics from Meopta. Forums › Member Classifieds › [WTS] Meopta Optika6 3-18×50 FFP Views : 20 Likes : 0 Likes : 0 | Subscribe April 26, 2022 at 9:46 pm Link peaceful_rulerParticipant MemberUnited StatesAccuracy: +1 Excellent condition cosmetically and functions perfectly…650$ TYD firm in the CONUS, PayPal please. If they are Meopta's, more power to Meopta. Meopta builds fantastic scopes but I am a bit of a fanboy. The Meopta has locking/capped turrets, integrated throw/zoom lever, tool-less zero reset, parallax down to 10 yards, 50mm obj and a capped windage turret. These rifle scopes are perfect for hunting, tactical, and sport shooting, providing excellent clarity and brightness with. Opinions on Meopta optics?. Good scopes but you do not need a 4-20x50 on 100-200 yd shots. Good luck with you purchase! Randall. 30mm tube Feb 11, 2022 #7 treein dixie Twelve Pointer. Konus KonuSpot-65, Spotting Scope, 15-45X65, 31. , has ‘Climate Control Coating’ (similar to Bushnell’s ‘Rainguard’), ‘Exactrac’ (similar to Burris ‘Posi-Lock’), a one piece tube, Eye relief 3. The Vortex have finer reticle crosshairs than the Leupolds. the high-end meopta stuff like the R1, R2, ZD line of scopes has high-end glass that's better than the glass in my. The optics in both these scopes is incredibly good considering the price is about half that of top tier scopes. The twilight of dawn and dusk, cloud cover, haze, rain, snow or deep shadow don´t care that you. Information and questions about optics and tripods used for hunting Coues Deer can be posted here. Meopta: The Best-Kept Secret in Optics. 5-10x44 Conquest from 2014 and it is a very capable scope that cost. Carbon fiber construction keeps it ultralight and incredibly tough, while our fully multi-coated lens system ensures maximum brightness for clarity, contrast, and color. The name remains the same as the previous generation of MeoPros, but it's a completely redesigned Gen 2 version. The Athlon MIDAS HMR rifle scope is in its own series with a 2. Meopta Optika6 3-18x50 DichroTech 6. First Look: Meopta MeoPro HD Plus Binoculars. 00, it is a 3-10x50 with 30mm tube Z-plex reticle, i have looked through it. This scope series was offered in the following magnification ranges: 3-9; 4. Hi guys new to the crewJust got my first rifles 22lr, 223 and 6. Says you have to have them side by side to tell that the VX6 is clearer at the very edges of the scope. Martin Arms is now a Meopta Optics dealer. Anyone have any idea what these are?. The Meopta Meopro 3x9x40 is equivalent to an older Zeiss conquest 3x9x40 mc, before Zeiss discontinued the 'mc' line & started using the "HD' & 'V' line conquests. In order of quality I would go Nikon, Meopta, Schmidt and Bender. It is not installed, but their is a quick throw lever (see in plastic bag - center of photo) that can installed for fast,easy zoom up and down the range of magnification. I would personally go for a decent Meopta again, or defo consider a Burris scope. $600 Meopta will be as clear and crisp as a $1200 scope in another. Compared side by side to a Swaro Z3 4-12, both on 6x, the Meopta seemed to outclass the Swar. I've had a Meopta Meopro 3-9x42 for about 10 years and I rate it very highly , in fact Id go as far as to say it's probably the best value for money scope I own ( I have no idea what they cost now , but 10-15 years ago they were kind of unknown and cheap for what they are ). Not real familiar with Meopta but their name keeps coming up on several forums I'm on and seem to be highly regarded. I noticed the sale prices you mentioned at EuroOptic myself yesterday. Bhd) selects Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, to provide solutions to build a new core network that will support its growth plans in East. You would have to combine the best features. The third photo is the Meopta between a S&B Exos 1-8 and a Trijicon Accupoint 1-6 for comparison. Hunting in low light the thicker Leupold reticle is easier to see. So many new features and scopes getting chunky while rifles getting light wonder when the two converge and weigh the same amount 5 lbs $2500 rifle to cut weight with a 3 lbs $2500 scope on top. Re: Vortex scope opinions [ Re: GREENCOUNTYPETE. If they made scopes with features better matched to the kind of shooting I do, I would own more Meopta scopes. Bushcraft Canada has started to supply quite a few professional organizations, so i have started a scheme where we provide discounts for Armed forces,RCMP, POLICE, SAR, CONSERVATION Officers, Certain NGO's, any of you hard working straight shooting trappers and guides, up. I have a Meopta Meostar R1 3-12 x 56 with a 4B reticule on my 223 and the the optic are very good. Has anyone had any personal experience with both or either of them to make recommendations? I just need a kick to make the final decision. Includes table top tripod, soft and hard cases. I eventually got a reply from Meopta Customer Service in the Czech Republic (after a 3 month wait) - the cost of a seal repair and nitrogen purge would be around £170 as the scope is out of warranty (only 10 years). As long-range rifle season is in full swing, I requested the Optika6 4. As I see it, I have three options with several subcategories. They have a great line of scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, red dot reflex, and carbon fiber tripods. I have heard of these scopes, and i can get one locally for 499. The H58 reticle of the HDMR is a clear winner for those who like quick hold over follow-up shots. all I can say is I have six meopta scopes now. com)- Meopta Sport Optics is pleased to introduce the new MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD with an illuminated 4C reticle. If you don't care about that, you can have it removed from the double. Am especially interested in the MRAD2 in FFP and the 223RD in SFP. VP9L OR with a Docter Optics / Meopta Plate?. I hear the glass in right up there with some of the euro glass at a cheaper price. There are ZF39 reproduction scopes as well. Best Rifle Scope for Deer Hunting. VORSE18242, SS30HSSALT, (qty 2) MAG571BLK Stock# VORSE18242KIT1. Meopta is the best-kept secret in the optics industry. FLOURIDE large 80mm HD Fluoride objective lens element delivers incredible resolution, brightness and vivid color while eliminating chromatic aberrations (CA) or color fringing in challenging conditions. Feb 10, 2022 #6 Andrewd Six Pointer The one I was looking at is the meosport 3-15x50. After doing some searching, I decided to give the Meopta Meopro 4-16×44 a try. 44 Caliber Remington Double Cavity Conical Mold 450-200-1R. Thanks! I've owned two Meopta Meostars (both 4-16x model) and, to MY EYES, they provide just a tiny bit better clarity than the Conquest models I've owned (6. My mate has a Meopta 7 x 50 on his 243 and he is happy with his also. Dedicated to quick and effective customer service and building top performance optics, Meopta is able to deliver excellence in every product. Has a few dings around on the body of the scope but other than that it's perfect! No scratches on the lens. The scope's single failing was in the size of the ocular housing; it measured 1. We just got another insane Demo/Sample order from Meopta This is an amazing opportunity for some great optics at very affordable pricing. We are blowing out some of the Meopta Optika6 Riflescopes at insanely inexpensive prices in order to spread awareness of these great scopes. I have just picked up my long-awaited Mauser 98 in 9. I'm guessing the rings attach to a rail. How many other scopes can claim that? The Optika5 line is available in 2-10×42 Rimfire, 2-10×42, 3-15×44, 4-20×44, 4-20×50 and 4-20×50 RD. Optics & Mounts If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. But that’s for another article. Upper level of 15 is more than enough and 12 would be just just fine. pdfTried to attach a Reticle Guide from Meopta but its too largeAny thoughts? MRAD 2 RD 1-6. PPTEL (PP Telecommunication Sdn. FFP models also feature a zero stop elevation turret that allows the shooter to. Kittery Trading Post Retail Store. -based scope models (except for a very select few high-end brands). We test drove one powered by a 3X-18X behind a 50mm objective. I have five now and the last two are optika6 models. 7 / 5) Check Price on Amazon vs. 610094, Matte, ACSS Orion, 1/4 MOA Adj, 1/p Stock# SPL28867. The stronger objectives probably get knocked out of alignment easily. Any experiences with either model? Anything I need to know, pros/cons etc? As always, all help and guidance is appreciated. Excelling condition, I've only shot a handful of times after buying used and put in safe. Hk Website advertises the plate is for the Meopta Meosight III (larger front button model) I am hoping to see the Meored (smaller side button) mounts fine. Only complaint Ive ever had was the crosshair on the #4 reticle was a little thin for my liking on the MeoPro series. This article features a master list of all Meopta rifle scopes and red dots on a single page, with available reticles, street prices, features, and links to official product pages, merchants, and reviews. Today, Meopta has state of the art manufacturing and assembly facilities in New York, USA and Prerov, Czech Republic. Meopta Optika6 Rifle Scope, 1-6x24mm, 30mm Tube, Second Focal Plane, RD 4C Reticle, Matte 653613. Actually the whole meo pro line is equivalent to older Zeiss conquest line. The "Swept Back mount was fitted to the left side of K98s. Fine for stalking, but for routine shots beyond 250 yds you'd be better off with vari-focus. Forums › Member Classifieds › [WTS] Meopta Optika6 3-18×50 FFP Views : 243 Likes : 0 Likes : 0 | Subscribe April 21, 2022 at 10:03 am Link peaceful_rulerParticipant MemberUnited StatesAccuracy: +1 Excellent condition cosmetically and functions perfectly…650$ TYD firm in the CONUS, PayPal please. In our example, you need to move the initial shot group in opposite paths, 3″ to the right and 2″ down. As I am in the market for a new scope on my 7x64 and a 30-06 R93 is on it's way. 5-10x44RD 4c Reticle $700 (Meopta Store). When the original OEM contracts expired with these companies, that's when Meopta started coming out with new products for the American market and started becoming more "front and center" in terms of. As you might have figured out from the model, the scope has an objective 56mm wide. This scope was imported by Leatherwood. Compared this side by side with PST Gen II 3-15 FFP and XTR II 3-15 FFP. Ajustment for elevation is on the scope tube but it dooesn't have windage capability which is in the front part of the mount base. The Leupold VX3i is the Meopro line. So, long story short, I'm looking for opinions on how best to overcome my own personal shortfalls through the injudicious use of money to procure optics. Comes with all original items as indicated in the pictures. BUY Meopta Rifle Scopes ON SALE. The fellows that I know that have the Meopta scopes have had not one single problem with them. Everything is 100% optically and functionally and comes with the full Meopta warranty. In reading many forums and reviews, it appears that there are several companies that hire Meopta to produce spotting scopes which then carry their make-up and Brand Names. Meopta Sport Optics knows that Americans love high-definition images, and that we love them even more when we're out in the field hoping to ethically harvest wild game. I have meopta binos - they are well worth it. It seems every scope manufacturer these days. I checked the scope specs out and was set back by the almost 2 pound weight. Reliable, accurate, and rugged, this 5x zoom scope with MeoBright lens coating delivers bright, crisp, and clear images, even in inclement weather thanks to Meopta’s MeoDrop hydrophobic lens coating which aggressively repels rain. School me on meopta riflescopes. But for whatever reason I don't really want a 3-9x40. I am thinking about buying this scope, but have not been able to find any reviews on this scope. The 2 that I'm most interested in is Zeiss and Meopta. The other is a Meopro 3-9x42mm on my wife's CZ 512 semi auto 22. má sídlo v Trinity na Floridě, USA. Re: Meopta Optika 5 3-15x44 [ Re: br459 ] #15260442 09/26/20. These are too great to not stop and see what here you can use. They may be the best value for hunting scopes, period. I'd buy Meopta, Swaro, Zeiss, and a few others before I'd buy Leupold again. Meopta – precision optics since 1933. Meopta optics warranty problems!. The current Sig Sauer line of scopes offer a lot of attractive features, but they really need better reticle offerings. Got an email from EuroOptic today and they are having a pretty good sale on them. Well worth the money, specially Meostar and Artemis range. The only part of the Conquests that's made in Germany is the erector system. please feel free to ask any questions. I have been doing some freelance work with Meopta for almost 2 years now and using all of the Optika6 scopes both in the field and the . The glass on even the lower-end MeoPro line of scopes is as good as or better than most of the popular U. So, great scopes, great price points, and my love affair with Czech gun products keeps growing. I would love to see the reticle offered in a 1” tube scope with 40-44 mm objective. Help with new scope selection $500. Send stevienicknacks a PM, he will get you a good deal shipped over from the USA. Hi Guys n gals,Cant decide between Meopta Meopro 6-18x50 zplex or ZERO TECH TRACE 4. Scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, reading glasses, magnifying glasses. Meopta Optics on Special We've got some amazing opportunities for you on Meopta Sports Optics. The Meopta appears to give the better picture and I do like the No. Feel the intensity, not your equipment. If there's anything I can help you out with, just let me know. nboyer; Jan 2, 2017; Replies 0. has entered the extreme-range riflescope competition with a fleet of scopes labeled Optika6. Most of that on the scope windage cover was a smudge I just wiped off, but there is a very little chip on it. I have limited experience but what I have seen first hand backs up what others have told me. The Meored includes a Docter footprint mounting plate with various screw holes, but unclear if that is compatible with the Hk system. The VX-5HD is $1499 on Optics Planet. Quality used 7x50 A MEOPTA scope in good condition, lens is sharp & clean, 25. Meopta's new Optika5 2-10x42 mm PA riflescope boasts side parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity. The Conquest is lighter and uses a 1" tube vs. The phone adapter works with all brands of smartphones and can be attached. Complete with everything including a Sunshade. From what I've read Meopta is legit. It would totally alter the feel and balance of most rifles. Meopta meopro 6x42 matte German #4 reticle. Of course, maybe there will be a really good sale and I'll get another Leupy. The glass is clear and the reticle is intelligently designed. #1 Good evening I am in the market for a new scope for long range and was thinking about the meopta optika6 in 4. Funny I’m usually quick to adopt new tech. Gun shop is adamant that I get meopta optic6 scopes from him, . ID INTO @tab Values ( @IDAuthor, @Title ) SELECT TOP 1 @newID=id FROM @tab;. Optika6 3-18x50 and 3-18x56 riflescopes are available with First or Second Focal Plane (FFP / SFP) reticles. Good evening I am in the market for a new scope for long range and was thinking about the meopta optika6 in 4. We inspect used items before accepting them because we would never sell a riflescope or sight that we wouldn't use ourselves. I'm tossing up between a meopta and a Swarovski at the moment, probably will get the latter but just because they are actually around. Patriarchy is a political-social system that insists that males are inherently dominating, superior to everything and everyone deemed weak, especially females, and endowed with the right to dominate and rule over the weak and to maintain that dominance through various forms of psychological terrorism and violence. For sale is a Ruger M77 Hawkeye stainless in 308 with a Meopta Meopro 3-9X42 z-plex reticle. I was not superhappy with the Meopros I tested (3 pcs 3-9x40, ended up getting a refund), very sensitive about eyeplacement and markings on the dials and actually direction to turn did not match, nor was it consistant from scope to scope. Headquartered in the Czech Republic, the company began making military optics in 1935 and has been at it ever since. The Optica6 is pictured mounted on a Winchester 70 in. 6’ field of view advantage at 4X, at a weight disadvantage of 1. The new Meopta MeoSport R-3 15×50 RD. The 80 HD MeoPro spotter that is the subject of this review, for example, was assembled in the US. Meopta Optika6 Rifle Scope, 1. 653586 RIFLESCOPE OPTIKA6 3-18X56 FFP IL BDC. A forum community dedicated to Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol owners and enthusiasts. Now Meopta Sport Optics is introducing the new MeoSport R 3-15x50 mm RD riflescope with an illuminated 4C reticle. The Meopta Optika6 is a solid option for folks interested in long-range precision optics. The rest is made by Meopta, and then the parts are shipped to the U. I've looked through a Meopta fixed 6 power scope on someone else's rifle once. Meopta - precision optics since 1933. Help identifying scope rings on Meopta 4x. non illuminated, dichromic, illuminated. From our selection of quality brands and products to the knowledge and personal service of our staff, we continually strive to maintain your confidence and. When target shooting I think that is an advantage and it is certainly not a disadvantage hunting in good light. I certainly hope it’s more than. The 30mm scope in this test with 1-6x magnification has a first focal plane reticle. *Updated: Per meopta both models share same footprint. 5-10 up to 15-45 comp also a few Leupold varix3 in many power range have tryed a few vortex not for me. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 18 of 18 Posts. Biggest problem with the the scopes is sourcing them - don't seem to be many about, and even the agents (kilwell) don't seem to have much in stock. Micro roni for smith and wesson sd9ve. The 30mm tube complements many rifles. Martin Arms is now a Meopta dealer, if you haven't looked at their products you need to! Meopta is a European optic company that is putting out products that are very reasonably priced for the quality you are getting. Seems the regular pricing has gone up a bit, since I bought mine. Comes with original box, paperwork, and lens covers. Re: Meopta G11P stereomicroscope / dissection scope. If you do not see it on our web site please just give us a call. Mounted it and after spending a half day at the range and shooting $50 in ammo, the black specs were back, in the bottom corner of scope. The Meopta outclassed the Swaro, by giving us 10-15 extra minutes of shooting time at 1/3 of the price. The new hotness are scopes with ratios of 8 or 10. 5-14x44 SF (BDC) that was my first Meopta, and an Optika5 4-20x44 SF (Z-Plex). Most users will not notice it in actual use. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Meopta USA Sport Optics is introducing a new line of 1-inch, Optika5 series of premium riflescopes. Please register for an account to take part in the discussions in the forum, post your pictures in the gallery and more. Please ask any questions in advance of bidding. Land, Leases, Hunting Clubs Delete post by cliffhandley10. I bought all of mine on sale, at the time. Bought 2weeks ago and decided to go a different direction-$325 shipped. Joined: Oct 19, 2021 Messages: 44 Location: Thomasville Nc. Then I found that Meopta Optics makes a repro of the ZF4 scope. Meopta produces very good optics. Start typing a member's name above and it will auto-complete. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I have for sale a New in the Box Meopta Meopro Optika 6 3-18x56 SFP Scope. PDF Mark Edited October 13, 2019 by mpom. Reply bluedog69 and Vortex! E Earnhardt Well-Known Member LRH Team Member Joined. Tikka with Meopta Meopro 4-16×44. One is the optika6 1-6x24 and the other is the optika6 3-18x56 both have the 4C/1 reticle kind of a german #4 with a center dot that can be illuminated. The name Optika, I'm guessing, is a marketing title designed to ring bells with a wide variety of European as well as U. If I didn't have an fx3 I would . 5-14x44mm HTR which is mounted on a Weihrauch 22 Hornet. Meopta Scopes | GON Forum Forums Deer and Small Game Hunting and Trail Cams Deer Hunting Meopta Scopes Bucaramus Oct 16, 2018 Oct 16, 2018 Thread starter #1 B Bucaramus Senior Member I've seen interest in these on here before. Meopta has a handfull of 1" scopes in oddball configurations. The first day of the Laser World of Photonics is here, and we look forward to seeing you at our. Now Schott glass is a very high-quality glass that is used to make lenses for various items, including rifle scopes. 1b) Keep the XS Ghost Rings but get a smaller rear. 5 - 5x20 and the Meopta Meostar R1 1 - 4x22. 653608 RIFLESCOPE OPTIKA6 5-30X56 FFP IL MRAD. 00 the cheapest i have seen them online is 699. Gonna buy a new scope for SC deer hunting. Some Kahles glass is made in Japan, so if it is all made by Swarovski then all Swarovski glass is made in Japan--which is extremely doubtful. The scope is in excellent shape except it has these rings with dovetailed bottoms and screws that screw in from the bottom. Farmazon wrote: Very interesting design of the non-protruding objectives. It is not just me that thinks the 3-9x40 is a good option. Meopta scopes are nearly equal in glass quality and performance to most of the higher-end European scope lines like Zeiss and Kahles, at about half the price. 1 reticle, however I have heard reports of. Best scope that I have ever used by far. Meopta Meostar Good Scope? Thread starter dezmick; Start date Mar 31, 2011; Mar 31, 2011 #1 D. On another note, were all German scopes mounted on K98's mounted well clear of the safety catch in order not to affect the function of the safety or did they use modified safety catches? The curent setup that the above scope is on restricts the movement of the safety catch so that it must stay in the 'fire' position. Meopta Sports Optics provide A Better View of the World through the continual development of high quality optics which helps give our customers a better appreciation of our natural world. I can't find any reviews on Meopta scopes on YouTube and get the impression that they're not hugely popular. The Meopta R&D center is a comprehensive development department supporting engineering in the field of optics, precise mechanics, electrical, and industrial designs. The older conquests were made by Meopta. I took a coyote last weekend about 20 min after sunset and a hog the next evening. (#653650) This scope has the DichroTech BDC Reticle. Fortunately, American optics companies like Weaver, Redfield, Lyman and Leupold led the way during this retro era with classic designs and massive innovation like TV screens, centered reticles, blued steel tubes, steel rings and bases, nitrogen processing, unique crosshairs, variable. Illuminated MRAD glass etched reticle. It's turrets are mushy, but everything forum. The optics in both these scopes is incredibly good considering . Purchased new this spring along with 3 other scopes. If measured around the rubber grip ring at the raised 4X indicator, the measurement was 1. At this stage I own two Meopta scopes, one is the Meopro 4. £230 recorded delivery or you are welcome to come & collect it. Route One, PO Box 904, Kittery, ME 03904. Used & Demo Rifle Scopes & Sights. Next up in our Best 1-8x Scopes Reviews, Leapers always manage to fit more good scope into the less cost bucket than most. I have a Leupold VX5 hd 3-15x44 on a. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Ordered direct from Meopta for about $400 for the Optika 6. The dichroic reticle are definitely intriguing. Meopta Optika6 3-18x50 SFP Hunting Scope. I am in the market for a new scope for long range and was thinking about the meopta optika6 in 4. Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope, Matte Black, Duplex Reticle 110797. · Image Brightness - Very Good even in low light conditions. A note about the Vortex scopes I own verses my Leupolds. Optics - Zeiss vs Meopta - Guys, this may be a "best scope for your money 2" thread in a sensebut I'm narrowing my choices down. Its a 25mm tube, 2nd focal plane reticle but I can't remember whether its vari-focus or fixed parallax. Meopta has less Vignetting than the Tract Toric 4-20x50 or Vortex Viper PST Gen. 5-14x50 is really tempting to me, as I don't. Ive got a top end Nikon scope, which is also very good, unmounted, still in the box. Then there is cost of postage to them, duty charged in the. Meopta MeoSight IV Red Dot Sight 1047 Item is backordered. 8% light transmission per lens surface. II 5-25x50 at the same power magnifications. A good few years ago we ( a friend am me ) tested a Meopta 7x50 against a Swar 3-9x42 ( A line ) Both with 1" tube. 5-10 up to 15-45 comp also a few Leupold varix3 in many power range have tryed a few vortex. Who Makes Cabelas Scopes?. The scope, in my opinion, has glass quality . 5/85mm Pentax Ultra-Achromatic Takumar f5. No hands on experience with the Optika but . The Meopro is the best glass under the $1000 price point by a long shot The Zero Tech Trace i dont know a lot about so any comments on them would. This new riflescope line from Meopta features a 5x zoom, zero-reset turrets and advanced. I'm new to surplus scopes so forgive me if I ask a simple question, how do you adjust the focus and elevation on the said scope?. Has a few dings around on the body of the scope but other than that it’s perfect!. Hardware: Meopta Optika5 2. I would say ZD and Meostar compete with the best; with the Meopro range being a good mid range scope. After much reading on optics forums and research I'm considering the following: Meopta Meopro 3. Igot a new Sightron Big Sky 3-12x 42mm scope a few months back. I've got a wanted ad up for some of these as they seem a bit thin on the floor at present. Meopta does make SOME Zeiss glass. Our flagship riflescope series is hand built with incredible precisionin Europe at our Czech headquarters and embodies the ultimate in premium-class hunting optics. According to a Meopta rep I spoke to at one of the SHOT shows, Meopta is the one of largest consumers of Schott glass in the world. good, bad, ugly? I found a guy wanting to sell his Rem700 LTR, Meopta Meostar R1 3-12x56 - RD scope, nikon monarch 800 rangefinder, HS stock and harris bipod for 1500 bucks. I think it's about the perfect hunting scope. Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 EBR-7C MRAD FFP Riflescope PST-5259 Showroom Demo.