moving to nyc for residency reddit. North American Van Lines has been a leader in the moving industry since 1933. Report a change of address to DMV within 10 days of moving. If someone says they’re headed to “the city”, it means they’re going to Oklahoma City. But that narrative doesn't account for all the regular people making heartbreaking, gut-wrenching decisions to call it quits on the Big Apple. As a new Minnesota resident you must present: …. You would file 3 returns: A jointly-filed part-year return for New York covering income earned January through June;. income tax return, regardless of whether or not they owe …. Scutwork from Student Doctor Network | Insights on residency programs from students and residents who have been there. For companies and government agencies seeking data analytics supporting compliance, customer acquisition, fraud detection, health outcomes, identity …. Queens offers a much lower cost of living than other New York boroughs, with rents ranging from as low as $1,100 for a typical studio and peaking in the mid-$3,000s per month for a 2-bedroom+, with an average around $2,100 for a 1-bedroom apartment. Answer (1 of 9): In the US, if you maintain an address in your original state, you may not have to change your license and registrations. While property taxes are generally low in New York City, they're much higher upstate. However, when you receive federal notification that your status for permanent residency has been approved, you may start the period of establishment of residency …. Buy a fixer-upper, live in it while you make improvements, sell it …. As is set forth in the Manual, students may also qualify for the in-state tuition rate on other grounds, including having attended/graduated from a high school or. Subtract the first water meter …. While that certainly is worth addressing, it doesn’t account for a …. People who want to come to Ireland need to know if they are entitled to live here and what they can …. Whether you are relocating long distance or locally, our …. Are there plans to make upgrades to the complex or nearby area? What’s the neighborhood like? How long have you managed this …. Extremely high cost of living on a $60-$70,000 salary, which is basically below poverty level. John's Riverside Hospital in New York (2019-2020) . ASHP is the only nationally recognized non-governmental, non-profit pharmacy association that has been accrediting pharmacy residencies since 1962 and pharmacy technician training programs in the United States. But now comes the time to decide which New York is right for you. See where all the people leaving New York are moving to. At NYU Grossman School of Medicine, our commitment to innovation has led us to bold new ways of bridging the gap between basic science research, …. With certain limited exceptions detailed below, petitioning for a foreign-born registered nurse (RN) to work in the United States involves sponsoring her for permanent residence. Gives 100 Reddit Coins and a week of r/lounge access and ad- . Discuss the move with your child – explain the reasons why you are moving and what exactly the moving process involves. However, the Tax Code allows applications for certain exemptions to be filed after the deadline has passed. Residency for tuition purposes determines whether a student pays in-state or out-of-state tuition fees, not if a student is a resident of California. Note: you must take a new class every two years and update your …. I'm moving to NYC for work for a year. Get Local Movers with Moving Help®. Contact the tax department in that state for further information. Now there are five medal awards that increase in cost and ridiculousness—Silver, Gold, Platinum, Argentium, and Ternion All-Powerful. Though the property costs in Georgia have increased in 2022, the state is still one of the cheapest in the US to own a home. Proving you have left a state will require you to demonstrate that you have truly established a. As such, the latest you should take Step 1 and Step 2 CK would be 1 month before applying to residency. Not only will you need to save up money to get your own apartment, but you’ll also want to start saving for emergencies. But, outside of legal reasons, many taxpayers may also benefit from refunds. Will definitely appreciate advices/tips. Although we’re a leader in moving and storage today, we started out in 1998 as a portable storage company, so our …. be NOC skill type/level 0, A, B, or C. You probably won't have space for all your stuff. Sign in to your Spectrum account for the easiest way to view and pay your bill, watch TV, manage your account and …. Hey all! I'm so excited but terrified about moving from Texas to New York next year! I will be a resident at the VA hospital in the Bronx, and will only make ~$47k for the year, which I estimated to be a little under $3000 take-home pay. I allow to be contacted through text messages about my move. If you've left and don't intend to return, then you most likely have now established residency in Westchester. The requirements to be a New York City resident are the same as those needed to be a New York State resident. , only obtaining vehicle reciprocity), you are only required to provide one proof of residency …. Current NJ resident switching over to NY resident, vehicle registration transfer questions! As the title says, I’m moving back to New York State and was told to set up auto insurance prior to getting my registration from the dmv. The service member is in the state under military orders. Midtown Manhattan is one of the busiest places in NYC…. At Aires, we really are techies at heart. Section 250 (5) of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law states that anyone establishing a residence in New York is considered a resident, and presumptive evidence for establishing a residence includes renting an. For those with school-age children, the big difference in the education rating of New York schools over Florida’s is something that shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re relocating to another state, you may have a number of things to consider as your move gets underway. The following Guide to Moving to a New State is exactly what you need to complete your out-of-state relocation with a smile on your face. My employer spent 18k to move our four bedroom house from TN to Arlington, so that price doesn't seem that far off. Texas is the 2 nd most populated state in the US. move out or die), a person can succeed to a NYCHA lease if. 85% of Expats in Panama Love Living There. As an expat, you will probably rent while living in Switzerland, and you can expect to spend at least 20% of your salary each month on rent. Portugal living costs for US retirees. The first step toward establishing residency in your school’s state is to get a handle on your school’s requirements. Funny, right? It's one of my favorite cocktail party stories. Be sure to buy a pair of boots the first chance you get. Occasionally you will hear locals talk about the cost of utilities, but it seems …. A bank statement or tax bill to show that you can pay your way in Germany. Your spouse must be moving on . All About NYC Housing Connect. And, while this might not seem like that big of a deal, it is when you consider Chicago's income tax is 3. Where are our new residents moving. residency authorization by NYCHA, who moved out of the household and now seeks permission to rejoin the household. Forgot your password? Click here to get a new one. I am moving in July to NYC for a job and am trying to consider where to live, good places to eat/visit, unexpected costs, or any general knowledge you wish you knew when you moved. Zipcars run from $9 an hour or $74 for the day (plus a $25 application fee and other fees depending on things like your age. Buying a home is out of reach for many New Yorkers. When you move, the first thing you’ll want to do is to make sure your mail moves with you! Change your address …. 100 Circle Road Stony Brook, NY …. If it's longer than a year, you have to retest on the roads too. If you're moving a short distance, your rate may stay the same, but even if you're only moving …. That’s the difficult message accountants and lawyers are delivering to clients these days, after the Covid-19 pandemic scattered New Yorkers …. (315) 986-1440 (fax) The Town of Walworth is bordered by the towns of …. Basic move (no extra services) $800 – $2,200. If you are a graduate student seeking University housing, please visit the Columbia Residential website. A Millennial's Guide to Moving to NYC | Huff…. While you'll still need a job to stay long-term, …. Residence Life Center (RLC) has a university dormitory option to offer exchange students who are studying at Waseda University. The time limit for changing a car registration address in New York …. Before you go forward with your plans to move to Canada, you should check your eligibility. The assistor may need to work with NY State of Health or the Department of Health to help you resolve your issue. Upon moving to New York, every new resident must obtain a New York identification card or driver’s license within 30 days. To move to Switzerland from the USA you must go through these simple steps: Apply for a Swiss long stay visa. Moving overseas (inbound or outbound) midyear is not uncommon. They can also help you contact NY …. A Green Card holder is a permanent resident that has been granted authorization to live and work in the United States on a permanent …. If you aren't living there right now, then it's the place to which you intend to return and make your home indefinitely. Compared to the US, it’s very cheap to eat and drink in Portugal. Moving Expenses Are Not Tax Deductible For Most People. United Van Lines and Mayflower movers said it had done 1,000 out-of-state moves. After another week, a 3rd year orthopedics spot opens in Westchester, NY (e. Enter through the driveway on 3rd Street (cross street is Mercer). Select an option to view contact information I have a general question, compliment, or complaint I need to pay my bill I have a question about …. In some ways, these audits are the equivalent of the old-fashioned speed trap, with the difference that a speed trap usually nets the state about $500, while these residency …. I’m confident that moving to Brooklyn was the right decision. Full rules for bringing pets (dogs and cats) into the city of Pittsburgh can be found at Pittsburgh's Animal Control. • Zero Coupon Bonds: Upon maturity, Medicaid …. In general, you will have to provide the school with a written notice of the change of address, stating the new address. NYS Education Law §6301 (Residency …. If you have established residency in Connecticut, you are required to have a Connecticut driver's license to legally …. This will entitle him or her to …. International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) Most international visitors coming to New Zealand will pay an IVL of NZD $35. Step 1: Search thousands of short-term housing options nationwide. Although you don't have to change car insurance when moving states, Six Awesome ‘80s and ‘90s Cars at the NY Auto Show. Additional requirements may apply, depending on the type of license and individual needs. With just over 4,500 undergraduates, Rochester is one of the smallest and most collegiate in character among the …. Texans are big on home ownership. Click the links below to find out more about moving. Start by “paying yourself first” into a savings account. However, if you're commuting into NYC to work, then you still owe NYC taxes. Moving to Florida? Here's Everything You Need. Spain - The Best Option For People of Latin Descent. Financial aid paperwork, for one. This is Cindy and Dan Hines’ motto. NYS Education Law §6301 (Residency definition for tuition at community colleges). Although I didn’t have kids at the time, I did have a $1. Each state has different rules and regulations related to driver licensing and vehicle titling and registration. He spent 2 years doing AML and MDS research at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore before moving to New York to pursue his residency training. ” (See How to Send a Secure Message for more information. What You’ll Do to Transfer your Out-of-State Driver License to Washington. First, check each company’s website to see how to transfer your utilities online. The New York state tax starts at 4% and goes as high as 8. The main problem you're going to run into is having to prove your residency each time you move back and forth. What is my residency status for Colorado? the individual maintains a permanent place of abode in Colorado and spends, in total, more than six months of the tax year in Colorado. Types of Coverage: COIs usually cover umbrella coverage, cargo insurance, workers compensation, automotive liability, and liability insurance. Below are the eight biggest reasons New Yorkers are moving to Florida. I moved to the East Coast from West Coast for residency… then COVID happened and all my new friends moved out of NYC. At the peak of the pandemic in New York, residents at a His own pay, when he began the residency, was a little more than sixty thousand . Aside from the warm weather and pretty scenery, South Carolina's affordability is a major draw for people of all ages. Most of the guys would be delusional losers, fat assholes or if they weren’t, obsessed with fitness in a very sad, lonely way. Massachusetts requires 12 months for colleges and universities and 6 months for community colleges. For some taxpayers, the stakes are high. So based on your question/criteria, you would absolutely be considered a NY resident 6 level 1. Here is a list of some of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who will give you Internet access in your home without having to purchase a cable …. One of the big downsides to Erie Insurance is that it …. New York Unemployment Benefits and Eligibility for 2020. More than 40,600 residents and employees of long-term-care facilities had died of COVID-19 by early June, according to an analysis by USA TODAY…. Things I’ve Learned from Living in NYC for One Year. Students should submit all medical claims for visits to local doctors, hospitals, …. A staff member will check your documents, collect your fee, and take your photo. LLC holding primary residence? Kerry Drake. org describes it as the “last hurrah” for Alaskans before summer ends. Even with a roommate and larger apartment, space in any NYC apartment will be limited. If you are considering moving to South Carolina or have been a resident for only a short period of time, you may have questions about South Carolina’s tax …. If you receive your retirement or disability benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB), notify the agency either through its website or by calling 1-877-772-5772 (TTY users call 1-312-751-4701) Monday through Friday, 9AM to 3:30PM, to speak to an RRB representative. 3601 W 13 Mile Rd, Royal Oak, MI, 48073. If you wish to request one of the available hearing options or would like more information about your account, please contact us using the following methods; Email: [email protected] A few pathways by which immigrants may be sponsored by family members in the US include the Petition for Alien Relative (I-130), Application to Register Permanent Residence …. Consideration 6: Tax-exempt state investments from your old state. There's certainly no reason to move to Delaware if you're a nature-lover. New residents with a valid out-of-state drivers license have 90 days to transfer it to Texas, but vehicle owners only have …. Tips for living in NYC : r/Residency. How to buy a hunting license online: Read information on license. Some states like Florida and Nevada will allow you to file a sworn statement in the office of the clerk of the circuit court declaring yourself as a resident of the state. Medicaid by submitting the Access NY Health Care application (DOH-4220-I form) and signing the Supplement-A (DOH-5178A form) on your relative’s behalf. With over 500 agent locations nationwide, we have movers wherever “home” is for you. Even with a roommate and larger apartment, space in any NYC …. If you’re considering moving to New York, its reputation as a cultural capital is …. Division: Rental Assistance Program. Some want Hollywood fame, others want to start the next big tech company, and many just want to live in a beautiful place among laid-back California residents. As part of our service, we pride ourselves on aiming to exceed your expectations and provide a first-class service. Spotlight The Asian Experience in NYC The Latino Experience in NYC The Black Experience in NYC What's Open in NYC …. You can't have Medicaid from two states at once, . If there is not yet a Nextdoor website for your neighborhood, you'll be given the option to create one. Connecticut is purportedly home to the most multimillion-dollar houses after California. American-German dual nationals may owe taxes in both countries. You will need to contact your insurance provider to let them know that you are moving …. New Maryland residents must obtain a Maryland driver’s license within 60 days. Home - The Pros and Cons of Living in Each State - Moving to Texas Pros and Cons. Obviously my biggest concern is the cost of living and would appreciate any advice on neighborhoods, an appropriate cost of rent. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Wall Street-backed Democratic challenger lived in a Trump property for years before moving to Queens in late …. The difference between 2018-19 in-state and out-of-state tuition and fees at. Information on your current home — …. After the briefing you will be issued a voucher for New York City based on HPD subsidy standards. It is best to have at least two government-issued documents that demonstrate state residency. Between March and October of 2020, most Manhattanites moved to Brooklyn (33%), the Hamptons (29%) and Jersey City (8%), according to NAR. Step 7: Don’t be lonely - make friends and get in touch with other expats in Denmark. These are average costs for moving, according to HomeAdvisor. Below are some answers to commonly asked moving company insurance …. If you moved into New York State after December 31, 2021, enter. Malta - The Easiest EU Citizenship If Money Is No Issue. The spouse lives in the new state solely to be with the service member. You can have more than one residence…. Huge Furnished Room for Rent in 3 Bedroom/1. New York won't let you transfer your license if it expired more than two years ago -- you'll have to …. 20, President-elect Joe Biden will move into the White House — and that means President Trump is going to have to find somewhere else to live. One of the most commonly required address changes relates to vehicle registrations and driver's licenses. Many parents even go so far as to explore the option of moving to find a more suitable place for their child. "New York doesn’t have to prove a …. If you live, work, and pay taxes here, you'll automatically be considered a resident after 90 days. The Ultimate Guide for Couples Moving in Together. Despite its worldwide fame for convenience and usability, the New York Subway system is a byzantine labyrinth of express and local tracks, elevated and underground se. Step 3 – Apply for the Certificate in …. If you are a New York State part-year resident you must file Form IT-203, Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return, if you meet any of …. at York Street corner of Front Street. Thanks to hurricanes, heat and red-hot home prices, the state’s population growth hit its lowest rate …. You are a New York City resident if: your domicile is New York City; or; you have a permanent place of abode there and you spend 184 days or more in the city. If no claim forms or instructions have been received after two weeks, inquire with the agent state unemployment office, which will supply claim forms. If you’ve ever wanted to test your Internet connection’s speed, you probably used Ookla’s popular Speedtest. My co-producer and I have booked a fantastic lineup with some of the funniest up-and-coming comics in the city, and our tickets are only $10. If you're considering moving to Columbus, Ohio, you're in good company. More than 187,000 people between the ages of 25 and 39 moved to Texas in 2019, while nearly 154,000 left, creating a net gain in millennial residents of more than 33,000 – the biggest net gain for this generational group in the country. I was not a resident of New York State. Of course, prices vary by region and by distance. File weekly claims with the liable state after serving the "waiting week. If you are a high-income taxpayer claiming a move into or out of New York, it's a near certainty you will be audited. NOTE: If you changed your legal residence …. Exchange out-of-state driver license If you move to New York State and become a resident [fn]Definition of Resident per Section 250 (5) of the NY State …. The higher your income is, the bigger the advantage …. You and your partner have decided to take the leap and move in together. NYC resident tax is a component of your NYS tax return- IT-201. Visit the Yaddo Authors Bookshop online to support local, independent bookstores and to find recently published titles by Yaddo writers. You will also need to show proof of residence …. There are several publications below that explore these topics in detail. The Hospitality Desk, located in the Hartley …. So based on your question/criteria, you would absolutely be considered a NY resident. With this, you’ll be allowed to stay in Australia for any length of time. You must bring original documents. Two (2) proofs of residency are required. The COVID-19 quarantine period in New York state has been reduced to 10 days instead of 14 days under new state …. This is good news if you're a citizen of one of the EEA states. When moving to Tokyo, you'll have plenty of apartment options, but securing one is a bit of a process. In re Marriage of Lasich (2002) 99 Cal. In absolute terms, you pay less income tax in the US. For more information see, IT-112-R-I, Instructions for Form IT-112-R New York State Resident Credit. We have over 74,000 city photos not found anywhere else, graphs of the latest real estate prices and sales trends, recent home …. I'm in a very similar position. Update bank account information. In Manhattan, luxury areas drive average prices even higher, close to $4,200 per month, while. TransUnion SmartMove is the convenient tenant screening service for people who don't manage hundreds of properties. Things like oregano, rosemary and cumin usually top the …. We've selected 29 graduating college seniors, entering the "real" world in 2018, to write about the state of their lives. Auto, Life Insurance, Banking, & More. If they forget and blurt out something rude, like, “You always say …. More appointments will be added as they become available and as more IDNYC Enrollment Centers open at locations across the five boroughs. When applying to adjust status to U. 15 NMAC provides that the documents …. can't fly across the country 50 times a year to see Björk play residencies or Michael C. Can’t access your account? DHS Providers CARES Password Self Service portal : PSS Link. Option 1: Electronically Submit Your Request Directly to the FBI. The nearly two-week-long State Fair is Alaska’s …. As of November 2020, the average rent in New York City was $3,039, with the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment being $2,654 and the average rent for a two-bedroom being $3,408. someone who wants to swap places with Bob). Two proof of residency documents are required for all driver license and identification card transactions. Visit our Individual Tax Forms Page for forms and instructions. In principle, you and your family members will continue to have permanent residence …. Proof of identity (another form) Proof of social security. If you're moving from or to a location where you can't leave a container, you may want to consider using PODS City Service. NEW YORK (WABC) -- More than 33,500 New Yorkers have moved to Florida in the last 10 months, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Let your child know that they need to speak politely when they want to be heard. Of all of the descriptions of NYC I don't think "clean" usually comes to anyone's mind. The state gets most of its revenue from the personal income tax of 0-7% and a …. Safe, flexible, and affordable housing for women in New York City — all-inclusive dorm-style apartments for working women, interns, trainees & students. After filing the Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, your I-751 processing time can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months. The four zip codes that make up Manhattan between 42nd Street and 59th Street — 10036, 10019, 10022, and 10017 — lost more than 12,000 residents last year, up from less than 3,000 in 2019. EMPLOYED l SELF-EMPLOYED l HIGHLY QUALIFIED l TRANSFERRED WORKERS. Receipts proving you’ve paid €60 ($67) for a short-stay visa and €75 ($84) for a longer stay. NYC stand-up comedy fans!! I am producing a new comedy show in the East Village, starting this coming Tuesday May 3. Before you can pick a neighborhood to live in, you’ll need to pick a borough. After you arrive at your new …. i have been self employed in almost 5 years doing filming and photography. Home; upperclass; move-in; Fall Move-in 2021 Notice. International medical graduates must complete all of the requirements to be certified. With a median home price of $117,500 this infamous New Jersey beach town offers surprisingly inexpensive options right …. If the landlord seeks to terminate your tenancy on non-primary residence grounds, they are required to provide two advance notices: The landlord must …. Depending on the line, the Boston T closes between 12:30 AM and 1 AM. In Arkansas, for example, you have to take the written and vision tests if your license expired more than 31 days ago. Finding out how to update your driver’s license really comes down to the type of update you need to complete. Consideration 2: Moving expenses. Things to Do on Governors Island. Get details about what document numbers and other …. How to Get Permanent Residency in Mexico. My last day of work may be June 30 in NJ but may be already settled in New York before then. In the midwest, you could spend 183 days in Minnesota but if you’re a resident of North Dakota or Michigan, you don’t need to worry about the extra tax bill. In this instance your nationality does not exempt you from requirements. However, if you are only doing a vehicle transaction (i. Guide and Tips for moving in with your partner, boyfriend. You will need three (3) points worth of documents to prove your identity and a one (1) point document to prove your residency. Choose a plan (internet, TV, home phone) from the offers available on our …. For Pittsburgh residents, dogs must be licensed locally instead of with the state and fees range from $10-$20. The IDNYC program uses a point system to determine if applicants are able to prove identity and residency in New York City. Military Tax Returns for Spouses During Deployment · You go with your military member spouse to a state outside your home state. last at least 1 year from the date permanent residence is granted. They moved while the city was shaking with protests — 20 police cars swarmed their block, helicopters swirled overhead. It'd been a while since I lived with a roommate, but my new Brooklyn roommate and I got on really well. Shows the Silver Award and that's it. Insurent Lease Guaranty (a Brick Underground sponsor) will qualify renters if their annual income is a minimum of 27. The resource center is located at 2 Washington Square Village, #1N. And that's kind of freaking me out. Utility Deposits: What to Expect When Moving In. If you’re moving to New York and you want to live in a town with good public schools, you might face high property tax bills. 015 Permanent residency; factual determination by property appraiser. This notice should be given at the school …. (Remember, you should submit your application on …. The other posts in this blog series covered how to plan your move and get your driver’s license and register your vehicle. Comparing Germany's biggest city, Berlin, with the US's - New York City - on Numbeo shows that eating out and buying beer is half as expensive in Berlin. Grayson, 32: “I moved to New York for a girl. If you're moving to New York and you want to live in a town with good public schools, you might face high property tax bills. Call Us or Text Us: 646-867-3685. Affordable Rooms for Students and Young Professionals in New York, Washington, Toronto, London, and much more. And if you look at Google trends, searches on moving …. It only takes a few minutes to transfer your current AT&T service or to choose a new Internet or TV plan if your old one isn't available at your new address. The Latest Get Local NYC It's Time for New York City. Springsteen owned that house for over 30 years and raised all three of his children there with wife Patti. org knows that Westchester and New York City are within 40 miles of each other and notifies Bob and Colleen of this possible match. Agency: New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. Choose a local hotel or campground to stay at for at …. Not only are they currently in demand but …. Medical Student Away Rotations for Remainder of. Welcome to University Residences! University Residences is more than just home for Boilermakers, it is "the" place to live! UR provides an environment that …. Price up to $2,000 up to $3,000 up to $4,000 up to $5,000 up to $6,000 up to $7,000 up to $8,000 up to $9,000 no maximum. Luckily, utility deposits are refundable. com provides comprehensive school and neighborhood information on homes for sale in your …. Temporary stay visa for seasonal work for a duration of over 90 days. International & Long Distance Moving Company. ) By mail: New York State Department of Labor, P. Know the ins and outs of changing your NY state residency. It is also possible to include your dependents in this kind of application for residency. The Ultimate Guide to NYC Street Parking. Additionally, look into private language teachers and classes. New York's Taxes Will Stalk You Even If You Fled During the Pandemic To escape payments, people need to have cut ties with the city in a way that won't be easy to undo in a year or two. They are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Thousands of Canadian citizens move to the United States each year for employment opportunities, business, family, or lifestyle. Movers and Shakas runs a place-based cultural orientation program designed to integrate and retain key talent, especially returning kama’āina, to learn, …. Residency is primarily a question of fact determined by examining all the circumstances of …. Two documents are required – the certificate of criminal records from your country of origin (if you were not born in Spain) and one from the Spanish authorities. If you have lost eligibility for the award and are continuing with your undergraduate studies at a NYS college, your residency …. Not to mention, with the average rent for an apartment in Columbus being $1,074 and the average salary in the city sitting right around $51,000, it’s very doable too. residency (including prior household members who moved out and later received permanent permission to return), prior to November 24, 2002, and who remain in continuous New York City Housing Authority. The table below shows the basic residency requirements for paying in-state tuition in Connecticut and 21 other states, together with the major exceptions the states make to their basic residency …. I like my apartment and have become ….