original brenneke slugs. The first effective modern shotgun slug was introduced by Wilhelm Brenneke in 1898, and his design remains in use today. Primos The Original Can Out of Stock. Listing the ammo shortage for sports shooters and pure game hunters is totally apples and oranges. The year 2009 saw one of the milestones in the history of the company, the Brazilian company Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos S. Whether you are buying ammo for target shooting or personal protection, we've got your back. For me also, the purpose of a SG slug is the original one. History of Brenneke Slugs. The foster AND benneke slugs were designed. Brenneke 12 Gauge Tactical Home Defense 2 3/4" Slug - 5 Round Box (even against criminals wearing bulletproof vests), but because the wad is designed not to separate from the slug, risk to innocent bystanders is reduced. Lots of game has been harvested larger than elk with smooth bore slugs, just most are designed today for deer. Weight: 1 3/8 OZ (601 Grains) Rounds: 5 Rounds per Pack. This slug is a reduced recoil slug which allows for quick, accurate follow up shots if needed. It offers 58-percent more frontal area than standard. You will be surprised about the tremendous knockdown power and the penetration. Made of virtually indestructible polypropylene that will not warp, crack, chip, peel, expand or contract, MTM CASE-GARD rifle ammunition cases are still the first choice of rifle enthusiasts throughout the world. CLASSIC MAGNUM•Original Brenneke® "Classic" slug w/felt wad •Traditional slug since 1898 •Good accuracy •Felt wad for increased MSRP: $10. They are truly the best slug I have ever shot for an incredibly cost effective investment. Brenneke 16 is loaded with the Brenneke Classic slug, the original Brenneke design proven for decades. California - We must ship to FFL. Just got some old stock Brenneke Slugs 12ga. I had the Brenneke slug project on the back burner for quite some time now, but finally most of the kinks has been straightened out. It's best suited for short-range shots. You know Joe Nava of Firearm Friday (660 AM) and bear safety course fame here in Fairbanks, right? He's one of the most experienced (real-life experience and thousands of people trained) bear. 45 ACP 230 Grain, FMJ, Non-Corrosive Ammo - Steel Case, Polymer Coated - 500 Round Case - MFG # AM3093. 410 is used for clay pigeon target shooting and hunting small game and varmints. com Find in-stock ammunition at the lowest prices fast. groups at 100 yards with smoothbore barrels Brenneke 12 Ga. Allows quick, accurate follow up shots if needed. The sub-calibre TOPAS has a cup, is barrelfriendly, quick and priced especially attractively. It's the most expensive slug on the market, but is worth the investment if you want the best. Royal Brenneke Slugs 5/Box Out of Stock. AQ's are like a Brenneke but use a ball shaped slug with nylon wad attached. It was introduced in 1936, and developed for the Winchester Model 71 lever action rifle. Gentelmen, we (BRENNEKE) offer different type of slugs. I had some successes with AQ style slugs but too many fliers. Items Like The BRENNEKE USA 16GA Classic 1oz Rifled Slug 5rd box. 12 Gauge Slugs Winchester. 72×39 or (in general 308 win) for whitetail deer hunting (most hunted big game animal in North America). Our Brenneke 16 is loaded with the Brenneke Classic slug, the original Brenneke design proven for decades. Live Inventory Search Franklin the original, no knock, no dog killing. they all shot well enough to kill any deer but the. DGS Dangerous Game Gualbo Steel Slug 12ga (10/pak) The GUALBO STEEL 12ga slug is an expanding 32 gram steel slug with petals that peel back upon impact to maximize the slug's energy transfer and create a devastating wound channel. 75″ 1 1/8 oz Slug Shot 5rd Box $ 10. 438 grains, but it's also rated a lot faster (1850 fps from a 7. Palmetto State Armory will pay shipping and insurance charges for the return of a firearm or part to its owner or FFL, if the related claim is a proper claim for warranty work. In the case of the Rio, the steel air rod adds . Ammunition is perfect for tight patterns and provides reliable loads. #3 25-PACK WIN AMMO BLIND SIDE STEEL 12GA 3 1400FPS. Core-Lokt is the original controlled expansion bullet. If you are lucky enough to own a classic 16 with a 2" chamber, but have given up hope of finding a quality slug for it, Brenneke has come to the rescue. Ammunition for sale at great prices. Our Brenneke 16 is loaded with the Brenneke® Classic slug, the original Brenneke® design proven for decades. Broad ribs On The Golden Slug Grab The barrel's Lands And a Special Coating Which Dramatically reduces Lead Fouling. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. 410 single barrel with a short stock. 20 Carbine Ball Cartridge 45/55 Frankford Arsenal. Shotgun Ammunition by Brenneke. The Incredible Original Brenneke Golden Slug teams All The Power And Reliability Of The Original Brenneke 12 Ga 3" Magnum, But With Specialize Design And Construction For The Unique demAnds Of Today's. Ammo Supply Warehouse : Samson International - Handgun Ammo Rifle Ammo Shotgun Ammo KALASHWOOD TARGETS Gear / ASW SWAG Magazines Ammunition Cleaning & Chemicals Reloading Equipment Reloading Components Firearm Storage Shooting Accessories Optics & Accessories Firearm Parts Everything 22 TCM / 9R GIFT CERTIFICATES Powder Firearms ammo, ammunition, rounds, bullets. 0 ft-lbs 20ga [email protected] The original Brenneke slug was a solid lead projectile with fins cast onto the outside, much like a modern rifled Foster slug (see Figure 2. From saboted options reaching 1,900 fps to high-performance, reduced-recoil loads, today's slug choices are state-of-the. This is Brenneke 12 Gauge Tactical Home Defense Low Recoil 2 3/4" 1oz. Both suicides and homicides have been reported involving the original Brenneke ® shotgun slug ( 6,7 ). The same exceptional knockdown power that distinguishes every Brenneke slug is built into the K. Faced with its performance, I quickly started using a full-size 12 gauge. PDF 125 Jahre Brenneke: Power Slug seit 1898. RWS/GECO Rottweil, 16 GA headstamp. In 1898 Wilhem Brenneke created the initial version of what we all know as a Brenneke slug. ORIGINAL CHINESE FLATBACK AKM Magazine 30 rnd. Ammo Supply Warehouse : AK-47 - Handgun Ammo Rifle Ammo Shotgun Ammo KALASHWOOD TARGETS Gear / ASW SWAG Magazines Ammunition Cleaning & Chemicals Reloading Equipment Reloading Components Firearm Storage Shooting Accessories Optics & Accessories Firearm Parts Everything 22 TCM / 9R GIFT CERTIFICATES Powder Firearms ammo, ammunition, rounds, bullets. Buy Accutip Sabot Slug 12 Gauge For Sale. His original slugs had strait lands on the slug. 5 rounds per box, and 250 rounds per case. The reference is probably to the original design that's been in use for many years. 75in at 100 yards), but the most accurate was the Federal Sabot slug utilising the original BRI slug of 0. The incredible Original Brenneke Golden Slug teams all the power and reliability of the Original Brenneke 20 gauge 3" Magnum, but with specialize design and construction for. Lead shot Shell: 12/76/27 LOAD (g): 52g hunting. This gives the ammo when placed in the bullet down position, bullet tip protection. 125-ounce slug and the reduced velocity Tactical Home Defense Slug were also represented in the mix. Accuracy, a word associated with Brenneke slugs for over a century, is excellent in any type of barrel. 12 GAUGE ROTTWEIL BRENNEKE SLUG. These sabot slugs from Lightfield offer 2549 foot-pounds of muzzle energy and 981 foot-pounds at a distance of 100 yards. - Original BRENNEKE Slug "Black Magic" with unique PowerWad. 50 meters, it shows an outstanding stopping power and can be used. Brenneke slugs, original on the left, the other local fitted with Brenneke slugs, Armour brass solid brass case, that I use now for reloading and an original Brenneke slugs, good medicine for the "Poor man's double". It had a cylindrical shape, a flat nose, and 6 ribs around the exterior of the slug. 348 was one of the most powerful rimmed rounds ever used in a lever action rifle. Shotgun cartridges are only available in store upon presentation of a valid, current shotgun . Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 1 oz Foster-Type Slug Box of 5 Brenneke slug ammunition is produced with high quality materials and as undergoes strict quality control to ensure their customers receive ammunition in excellent condition. A First Time for Everything: Homicide Involving the Brenneke® SuperSabot . Then I cut open some shotshells, brought out the wads, and fastened them together to the slugs with brass. Ammo designed for the way you shoot. 11 Taclite Pro Pants Large Size BLACK 46. Its time-proven performance has made it hunting's first choice for over 75 years. Fast slug for first-class success. Now there is no reason to leave your prized 16 at home. Brenekke's have always treated me right and as I said, still a big fan of the original KO's out of my 20" smoothbore Ithaca. The Lyman 1967 reloading manual had a 238 grain 410 slug mold. The Green Lightning ® (Heavy Field Short Magnum) 12GA 2¾" and 20 GA 2¾" is one of the most famous hunting slugs ever. (In Stock) Click here for price! $11. I have shot three deer this year with Brenneke USA Green Lightnings and have not lost any meat due to expansion of the sabot bullet. Low Recoil Brenneke Slugs. #10031, 10036, and 10131, all have 3" chambers. From 5 to 200 yards, it yields perfect mushrooms and over 95% weight retention thanks to its spiral nose cuts and high-strength cartridge brass jacket. Hornady says they are good for 2" groups at 100y. It is still produced and going strong. The following locations have ammunition restrictions. Its massive frontal area, equal to a 16 gauge slug, delivers a huge shock to game. Cheap 45-70 Government Ammo In Stock by Sellier & Bellot - 405 Grain SP Ammunition by Sellier & Bellot For Sale Online at LuckyGunner. ™ produces extensive damage in the first block of ballistic gelatin, expending virtually all of its devastating energy within the first eleven inches. The employees and family management group of Hornady take great pride in leading the industry in ammunition development and advancement. 130 per round) In stock Purchase Now ». This ammo will have low felt recoil and will not cycle an automatic, you would have to cycle each round manually. You are quite correct, mcbirch, that the Brenneke KO's are cast from a harder lead alloy than most other Foster slugs. The only ammunition available for hunting in the early 20th century was the one used by armed forces. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. Brenneke USA continues to follow the Original Formula since 1898 when the first Brenneke slug was designed. The Black Magic® Magnum is your live insurance against big and/or dangerous game. However the ar y failed to adopt his 8x64. Dimensions It is swaged from dead soft lead. 86 Read more; AGUILA SHOTSHELL 12GA. Broad ribs On The Golden Slug Grab The barrel's Lands And a Special Coating Which Dramatically reduces Lead. The Brenneke Black Magic Magnum is made as a stopping cartridge against potentially dangerous game. Regardless the gauge or type of shot, we have shotshell components to fill your shotgun reloading needs. I highly recommend Brenneke USA ammunition for all sportsman afield. The central upper pin guarantees stability and precison, both in trajectory motion and at the moment of impact. 12 GA 2-3/4" 309gr (2/3 oz) Brenneke TOPAS Ammo Box (5 rds) Shocking in its design. 5 Grendel ammo, and more special deals on bulk ammo. Apparently the hunter was using Brenneke KO slugs. Company founded by Wilhelm Brenneke on April 1st, 1895 in Leipzig. Brenneke SL122CLM Classic Magnum 12 Gauge 2. A bala Brenneke original é uma bala de chumbo sólido com costelas . It doesn't deform much upon impact, making it penetrate deep into the target. It is one reason the Brenneke design achieves such excellent penetration. Brenneke 12 Gauge Classic Magnum 2 3/4" Slug. The Brenneke slug was developed by the German gun and ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke (1865-1951) in 1898. It is our hardest hitting slug, delivering a tremendous force of more than 3. 56 Military Ammo Accuracy #9 - Best Way to Clean a Shotgun #10 - AK Vs. We have special deals on 9mm ammo, 10mm ammo, 5. Though not designed for a rifled barrel, it probably worked as well as it did due to the Brenneke slug being cast a little harder then the usual Forster (american) style slug, and way the cushin and base wadd are attached to the slug with a screw, so the whole thing goes down range as 1 unit. 410 is often recommended as a first shotgun for youth. Brenneke makes shotgun shells for target shooting and hunting, special slugs for law enforcement, and hunting rounds as well as projectiles for handloading. 65 Browning) ammo handgun. We display all calibers, including 9mm ammo in stock,. This velocity can be put to good use and cannot be considered wasteful or over powered in any way. Fiocchi Original 12 Bore Brenneke Slugs. Brenneke and Rottweil are different companies. 444 Marlin, Heavy 38-55 Winchester, Heavy 348 Winchester,50 Alaskan, Heavy 35 Remington, Sniper 223 Remington. Brenneke®, the German company that invented the modern shotgun slug in 1898, is introducing the powerful new Orange LightningTM 12-gauge 2 3/4" slug, pushing a one-ounce projectile at 1,476 fps that generates 2,120 ft. A 20-gauge Brenneke slug (left) vs a 20-gauge Foster slug (right). Wad System allows the slug to have a flat trajectory and excellent accuracy and knock down power. Brenneke USA Black Magic Magnum. Shotshell reloading supplies for all of your shotgun reloading needs. •Original BRENNEKE Slug "Gold" with newly developed, unique, patented B. Author: No machine-readable author provided. Dynamit Nobel is the West German company which produces the "Original Brenneke" 1 1/8 oz magnum load with the unique felt wad screwed to the base of the projectile. Originally, there was a plastic or felt fiber wad attached to the base that remained attached after firing. AROUND 1912, GERMAN ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke developed an 8x64mm cartridge as a potential replacement for the 8x57JS used by the German military. BRENNEKE 12 Gauge SHOT SIZES #Original Brenneke ® Bullet. by | Oct 24, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Oct 24, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments. The Brenneke slug ammunition was and still is made to pass safely through the choke and still produce adequate accuracy at ranges up to 50 meters. The Black Magic Magnum is your life insurance against big and/or dangerous game. Because of the flat trajectory the Magnum Crush™ is an ideal choice for hunters who may encounter bigger game at a variety. These are the original CASE-GARD ammo boxes. Until now I am using the RWS HMK 11,2g on roe, boar, red stags and fox quite successful but this year I will try the Sako Arrowhead II 150gr. Originally Mr Brenneke figured out that slugs with "lands" on them would go thru a choke and the "lands" would be swaged down as the slug passed thru the choke. Free Shipping is available 365 days a year on 1000s of items. Ammo For Sale at GunAuction. Ammo Supply Warehouse ORIGINAL Russian MOLOT STEEL RPK Magazine 40 rnd. Unlike most sabot slugs in rifled barrels the Brenneke was designed from the start for bigger game than deer. It offers 58 % more frontal area than standard. The Red Magic Sabot gives you the safety of a quick and clean kill, even better as it is one of the least expensive sabots on the market. 348 Winchester is an American rifle cartridge. wad--Better Energy Transfer--easily meeting all demands up to 60 yards. As does the M2, #11061 and 11141. Brenneke USA Classic Magnum Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 1-1/8 oz Lead Slug Box of 5 Shop All Featured Ammunition. Brenneke rifled slugs still use felt and fiber wads, and are suitable for use in smooth or rifled shotgun barrels. Brenneke 16 is loaded with the Brenneke Classic slug, the. Brenneke understood that to make a more powerful cartridge, first the hunter needed a stronger, safer firearm. Brenneke USA 410 Gauge Gold Magnum Sabot Slugs 3" Length. Many drillings were regulated for 60 meters to shoot original Brenneke slugs out the right barrel. Would you like to advertise your Firearm or Hunting Business here? Contact Us today! Fiocchi 12 Bore - 2 3/4" Cartridges - 7 1/2 S. [edit] History and designThe Brenneke slug is similar in appearance to a rifled Foster slug. So today Geco have started to load 12-gauge slugs designed or optimised for semiautomatic shotgun use. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: Amm. Home Brenneke 12 Gauge Special Forces Maximum Barrier Penetration 2 3/4" Slug - 5 Round Box. While cases of suicides and homicides involving an original Brenneke® shotgun slug have been reported in literature [16,17], fatal cases involving a Brenneke® SuperSabot shotgun slug are rarely. The foster style slugs predated the excellent benneke slugs by a number of years. 36" diameter ball, weighing less than a typical bullet of the same diameter, but going slightly faster - you're gonna have similar results. The box is the original and apparantly back in the good ole days Speer was importing these from Germany. Sellier & Bellot 7x64 Brenneke 158 Grain Hollow Point Capped (20pk) No reviews. Multiple suicidal injuries with shotgun slugs. Classic Magnum® Excellent Precision, Impressive Energy, Flat Trajectory: The Classic™ is the ancestor of all modern shotgun slugs worldwide. The Brenneke slug was developed by the famous German gun and ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke (1865 - 1951) in 1898. Wilhelm Brenneke created his slugs for use in shotguns that had ordinary chokes for use with shot. Brenneke USA provides a range of slug shotgun ammo to suit any application. Shotgun slugs Wholesale | Shotgun slugs for Distributor and Reseller at Frankonia 12/70 Classic Magnum 31,5g/490grs. After countless hours of testing, trial and error and modification, in 1898 the first Brenneke slug was introduced. Brenneke USA 12Ga 3" Magnum Crush 1-1/2Oz. 500 Round Can of Turkish 8MM Mauser - 8mm Mauser $45. except for the exploding gun part. The Partition Gold represents the newest wave of slug technology —a high-velocity, controlled-expansion bullet with flat trajectory and tons of retained energy. Lightfield Home Defense Rubber Slug 12GA 2-3/4" 130 Grains 5rd pack. Remington Core-Lokt 7x64mm Brenneke 140gr PSP Rifle Ammo - 20 Rounds - Since 1939, more hunters have relied on Remington Core-Lokt than any other big game ammunition, and rightly so. Connecticut - We must have your ACE or Pistol Permit and State ID on file or ship directly to and FFL. It weights a full 1½ ounce / 666 grains. It's a good choice for deer or other medium game. Check the original BRENNEKE quality features of a THD. Help! Needed reloading slugs (the original Brenneke slug. If Palmetto State Armory is unable to fix the original serial number, a new one will be sent out, but must go to an FFL for transfer back to the customer. Invented by Wilhelm Brenneke in 1898 is has been improved ever since, so that it is . : 3 1/4 Muzzle Velocity: 1290 Shot Charge Weight: 1 Ounce; 28. The 7x64 Brenneke proved to be an immediate and lasting success throughout Europe and beyond. These are the best 12 ga slugs out there. The SuperSabot's controlled mushrooming is dependent on its target resistance. Safety Of A Quick And Clean Kill: The K. Brenneke 12 Gauge Special Forces Maximum Barrier Penetration 2 3/4" Slug - 5 Round Box Sold out Original price $ 21. Please see our Export Policy prior to placing your order. The main difference between the two kinds is that Brenneke slugs' wads stay attached to the projectile throughout the slug's travel. If any of you have shot any critters with this slug I would appreciate hearing the gory details if you have time to share them. The original Brenneke slug is a solid lead slug with fins cast onto the outside, much. Over the course of over 40 years of lab and field testing, we've seen and shot countless slug designs. I would think it would perform much like the old black powder guns. Original Brenneke Classic shotgun slug with felt wad. This first version looked a little different than what we consider to be the classical version of a Brenneke, but it was close. This is where to find all your reloading components: Hulls, wads, reloaders, shot, ammunition and accessories. The Brenneke exhibited the greatest penetration of any load tested. 75" 3/4 oz Slug Shot 5 Bx/ 50 Cs SL202THD Find Lowest Price In Stock Brenneke SL202THD Tactical 20 Gauge 2. Remington 20 GAUGE PETERS RIFLED SLUGS 3 2/4 INCHES 5/8 OZ SLUGGER 5 count SHOTSHELL SHOTGUN SHELLS AMMUNITION / 0423-1 - 20 GA BuyItNow! $11. 5 years ago, you could find ammo for any big game rifle and some that are very rare). 22-HORN-10 uses an insert to hold the bullets. Original Brenneke slugs sikakiller A+ (175) Seller's Other Items New Old Stock Condition FFL is not required Ask Seller a Question  Current Bid $0. Has anyone had any experience with the Brenneke 20 ga. Accessories | View All >> (29045 Products) Hand Gun Parts. Thanks to its magnum-pressure loading, this cartridge achieves a higher velocity and, as a result of this performance increase, it delivers more energy to the target. MWZTECH 56 Round Shotgun Shell Bandolier,12 & 20 Gauge Ga Stealth Rifle Ammo Shotshell Shoulder Belt Carrier for Shell Count Tactical and Out Door Hunting. Check the original BRENNEKE quality features of a Brenneke 28™: Lead point with ribs that point to the right ensure smooth choke passage; . SST slugs as they seemed to provide the best group. Accuracy (+) Penetration (+) Massive Frontal Area (+) Original Shape and Weight Retention = a slug which will outperform all other slugs with precise, humane, and immediate terminal velocity during controlled penetration to stop any target immediately. Brenneke Magnum Crush 12 ga 3" 1. Brenneke 20 gauge KO Slugs. The Barnes bullet is a lot lighter than the shotgun slug, at 250 grains vs. No, only shoot non rifled or sabot slugs in a rifled barrel. And shocking in its reasonable price, the TOPAS is unlike and other 12 gauge sabot. - PowerWad results in greater accuracy. Break-action guns function best with rimmed cartridges, hence the necessity for a rimmed version of the popular 7x64 Brenneke rimless cartridge. Be the first to review "12 GAUGE ROTTWEIL BRENNEKE SLUG RWS/ GECO 12 12 ROTTWEIL" Cancel reply. 3x74R rifle round was first introduced around the turn of the 20th century. A++ Range rounds, cheap and consistent ammo from Remington UMC. FEDERAL TRU-BALL was the best and by far the most powerful and kicked way worse than the other 4. BRENNEKE Black Magic Slug One of the heaviest slugs on the market, the Black Magic Magnum is devastating on the biggest, toughest prey. FEATURES-12 gauge-2 3/4" shell length-1oz-440 grains-Lead point with ribs that point to the right ensure smooth choke passage-Patented rear slides into point after the impact-Because. It drilled it exactly where I was aiming. 2 3/4" 1 oz Tactical Home Defense Slugs. 3mm weighing 286 grains Description: Classic Brenneke hunting bullet for the 9. First Original BRENNEKE shotgun slug (with steel tip) 1905. 25 Ounce Lead Slug 5 Round Box SL4103M. These slugs are rifled and will function accurately in both. ™ Safety Of A Quick And Clean Kill: The K. Browning Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4 in 1 oz BXS Sabot Deer Slug 5/Box. But one deer from each gun means two slugs if all goes as. A solid projectile for smoothbore shootgun barrel. Wilhelm Brenneke revolutionized an ammunition line that followed his personal hunting principles. It offers tremendous knockdown power up to 100/60 yards. Founded on April 1st 1895 in Leipzig, Germany, BRENNEKE is renowned for groundbreaking innovations in the hunting business: from the first shotgun slug to . View Profile View Forum Posts Banned Join Date Jun 2007. Heres a disection of an original Rottweil Brenneke slug. Foster designed the Foster slug. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. The groups were shot out of the right barrel of my CZ Ringneck 28ga SxS through a factory cylinder choke at 50 yards with Brenneke 5/8oz 1450 fps slugs. Brenneke’s business prospered, and by the 1930s he was producing over 750,000 slugs per year. Brenneke 20 Gauge 3" Magnum 1 Oz Lead Sabot Slug 5 Rounds. Original soundtrack was composed by Bobby Prince. Wilhelm Brennecke's classic magnum slugs created his bullets for use in shotguns that had ordinary chokes for use with buckshot. This ammo is loaded with the Original BRENNEKE "Bronze" Slug and a newly developed unique patented B. 49 Read more; BRENNEKE USA 410 3 CLASSIC 1/4OZ. These are GOLD when talking AK's!!! You WILL NOT find a more reliable mag than these gems right here. Just like the Brenneke's slug, the weight of the bullet is at the front tip. Able Ammo is the place to buy Brenneke slugs and other discount shotgun ammunition online. Original Brenneke Ammunition Slug Sales Flyer. Brenneke Slugs For Sale In Stock​. Reloading Supplies & Accessories. This ammo is loaded with the Original BRENNEKE “Bronze” Slug and a newly . His revolutionary action design, . Invented by Wilhelm Brenneke in 1898 is has been improved ever since, so that it is still a state of the art slug today. 99 Check the original BRENNEKE quality features of a SFMBPM. Brenneke 12 Gauge Green Lighting HFSM 2 3/4" Slug. - Tremendous knockdown power up to 100 yards. RCBS TRIM 7MMX65 RIMMED 26765 UPC: 0766832676584. Buffalo Arms carries, brass, dies, cast bullets, copper coated bullets, and jacketed bullets, custom bullet expanders, wads, shell holders, reloading presses, and anything else you may need for your reloading needs. Brenneke SL202THD Tactical 20 Gauge 2. These slugs are still being made today. Here is the three different stages of design with the original Brenneke to the right. Even though Fiocchi is a quality ammunition, it is still affordable at less than $0. Balle Brenneke; Date: 7 May 2006 (original upload date) Source: No machine-readable source provided. 410 Gauge, 3" (Per 5)Magnum 410 Gauge, 3" Barrel: All Types Range: Up To 35 yards Game: Small/varmints - Original Brenneke Slug "Silver" With patented Plastic Wad - True 3" Cartridge - Very Accurate: Under 2" (5 rounds) On 50 yards - Flat Trajectory - Excellent Penetration - Excellent Function With All Semi-Automatic shotguns (including Saiga) Distance: Muzzle, Velocity. 75" 1 1/8 OZ Slug Shot 5 BX/ 50 CS, Brenneke Sl4103m Magnum Brenneke USA 12Ga 2. We are collectors first ! All of our ads are in "EXCELLENT ". plant is located in Ozark, Missouri). Foster slugs are also known as "American" slugs to distinguish them from European-type slugs such as the Brenneke. They have a provision to keep the pop up sight up for shooting the right shotgun barrel and can be quite accurate. Classic Magnum™ Note the devastating energy dispersed in the first 16 inches of FBI-Spec. Our Original Brenneke Silver Slug, at a full 1 oz, is one of the heaviest 20 Gauge slugs on the market. 58-caliber slugs (12 Gauge) and flat-shooting. FIOCCHI MUNIZIONI SPA: Socio Unico - P. It includes our H-type disk, which improves accuracy up to 50%. Ammo Supply Warehouse ORIGINAL CHINESE FLATBACK AKM Magazine 30 rnd. RICKT-As you have already found, the old style Brenneke slug is a fine killer. So the name Crush comes obvious. It offers more than enough stopping power (even against criminals wearing bulletproof vests), but because the. Inside space of 707 cubic inches. 5" 1OZ Trad Slug BRENNEKE MSRP: $10. 410 (25/pak) The LC Thug series of slugs is our most advanced slug design to date. 61 Out of stock Brenneke USA 12G 293Gr 2. Lately I went back to full bore solid slugs with screwed on basewad but found they cocked when entering the forcing cone and again, accuracy was poor. It's filled more tags on more continents than any other load. Mossberg 930 12 Gauge Slug Barrel 93020 Finish: Black, Barrel Length: 18. 62x39 122 GR Ammo, Non-Magnetic, Lead Core, Full Copper Jacketed Projectile, Non-Corrosive, Range Safe - 1000 Round Case MSRP: $599. 4 oz: Dimensions: 5 × 1 × 1 in: Reviews There are no reviews yet. Slug offers power and accuracy along with. Rottweil Brenneke Classic Magnum Fast slug for first-class success. and the Rottweil Brenneke struck home, while the S&B slugs were easy on the shoulder yet still accurate (2in at 100 yards). Have an 7x64 Brenneke barrel that is the original barrel for my Handi that I have not fired. I getclover leafs groups at 50 yards and get2-3 in groups at100 yards. The flat trajectory is an ideal choice for bigger game at a variety of ranges. David, Rottweil Brenneke slugs are produced and sold to any manufacturor who wishes to load them. Dont waste your time if you own a Remington rifle barrel slug gun. Illinois - We must have your FOID and State ID on file. 5 per box For smooth and rifled barrel The Brenneke K. KO slugs? They look to be a milder load than a lot of stuff out there listed as a 3/4 oz slug @ 1476 fps. ) Original BRENNEKE slug is mated with the thoroughly proven B. BRENNEKE USA Tactical Home Defense Slugs. Their 2 3/4" 12 gauge slug weighs 1 1/4 ounce, and their 3" Magnum 20. Save big on a new 22 hornet ammo. His aim was to produce ammunition that kills game quickly without causing unnecessary wounds or suffering. 540 Rds Russian 8MM Mauser Original Boxes Ammo Can - 8mm Mauser $45. The original Brenneke slug is a solid lead projectile with fins cast onto the outside, much like a modern rifled Foster slug. Magnum Crush is Brenneke's hardest hitting slug. Estate 12 Gauge Heavy Game Load 2 3/4" 1 1/4 Oz 8 Shot 12ga. The Classic is the ancestor of all modern shotgun slugs worldwide. Made in Germany by the famous Nobel Prize founder. Shop All In Stock Ammo SHOP NOW. The Brenneke slug is solid with fins on the side and a blunt nose. As the following table shows, the Original BRENNEKE Anti-Terror-Slug has a release of energy that is 5. The original Brenneke slug is a solid lead slug with ribs cast onto the outside, much like a rifled Foster slug.